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All products below are one-of-a-kind and made by hand.

img_1851Dream Pillows – Slightly larger than a sachet, much smaller than a standard pillow, these hand-sewn, mini ‘dream’ pillows are filled with organic dried lavendar, chamomile and mugwort to promote relaxation and dreaming. Leave one, or more, naturally fragrant mini dream pillows on your bed (or on top of your sleeping pillows) as a reminder to breathe, relax, and get ready to drift off into dreamtime. Each one is unique! $20- each. Includes free shipping anywhere in the United States.


img_1852Dream Bath Tea Bags – What better way to prepare for restful sleep that to relax in a warm bath before bedtime with a naturally fragrant bath tea bag made especially for relaxation and energetic clearing. Filled with salts from the sea, organic flowers and herbs (lavendar, chamomile, mugwort, white sage and rosemary), and organic lavendar essential oil, these dream bath tea bags are also crafted in support of your nightly routine, whether it be preparing a dream incubation ritual, or as lucid dream enhancement. $20- each. Includes free shipping anywhere in the United States.

*Eye Pillows will soon be available! Each one is filled with flax seeds and can be refridgerated for a soothing, cooling effect. Chose from Lavendar, Rose, Chamomile, or Mugwort.

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