DREAM HEALING on the Big Island of Hawaii!

APRIL 2022 Women’s Retreat (21 & over) Now Forming


Dr. Darlene Viggiano and Dr. Kimberly Mascaro’s original synthesis of techniques and tools for awakening our innate self-healing abilities and developing our unique emerging potentials. 

Through imagination, self-reflection, conscious movement, and deep relaxation, Dream Healing opens doorways for self-healing. With Dream Healing we build new relationships with our deeper stories and our inner wisdom – we orient our internal compass towards 360 degrees of wellness.

shutterstock_288042056Women today have been telling us that they feel like they are being pulled in a hundred different directions, that they’ve lost touch with their authentic voice, and that this has resulted in a sense of isolation, both internally and externally.

Do you need some time just for you to relax, connect and play?

Are you ready to acquire new tools for enhancing personal wellness?

Isn’t it time to reconnect with the self-healer who resides within?

This kind of self-care is healthcare!

Dr. Viggiano & Dr. Mascaro’s experiential workshops offer an exploratory survey designed to reacquaint you with your true nature. These include:

  • Mindful/conscious movement & grounding exercises
  • Gentle Breathwork
  • Guided imagery and meditation (such as Yoga Nidra)
  • Guided sound journeys with chanting and rhythm 
  • Core creativity (such as Writing, Collage, Drawing, Imaginal portals/shrines)

Meet Your Retreat Facilitators:

Darlene Viggiano earned her PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University in 2010. She has her own telehealth private practice and was originally licensed in 1999. Darlene works with Adults Molested as Children, Batterers’ Intervention, Dual Diagnosis, Infidelity and Perinatal Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Couples Communication, Hypnosis, and Mindful Movement.

She is a certified member and consultant of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She has presented and done workshops in Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology and authored two books–Dreams and Dream-like Experiences: Their role in spiritual emergence processes, and Carrying On: A workbook for women who’ve lost a pregnancy.

Darlene is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and held membership in the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and the American Psychological Association Division 30 (Hypnosis), from which she won an Early Career Contribution Award.

Kimberly Mascaro earned a PhD in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2013 and has a telehealth private practice in California. She has worked in the fields of mental/behavioral health and higher education for over 20 years. Her primary focus is on women’s issues – particularly navigating life’s big transitions, as well as healing trauma, anxiety, depression, supporting pregnancy/postpartum, enhancing spirituality & meditation, moving beyond grief/loss, and recovery from substance abuse. Kimberly holds certifications in hypnotherapy and guided meditation/yoga nidra.

Kimberly has presented her announcing dream research and has given workshops on dream-related topics both nationally and internationally. She authored the book Extraordinary Dreams: Visions, Announcements and Premonitions Across Time and Place. Kimberly serves on the Board of Directors for both the Sierra Foothills chapter of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the International Association for the Study of Dreams where she is the ethics committee co-chair. Her biggest passions are in the arts: dance, martial arts, painting and mixed-media crafts.

The SEPTEMBER 2021 Itinerary can be found below.

Location and Dates:

The SEPTEMBER 2021 retreat is located in Kau on the Big Island of Hawaii. Drs. Viggiano & shutterstock_508823182Mascaro keep these retreats small (about 10 people), with plenty of time for rest and relaxation. This 4 night retreat begins on the evening of  Friday, September 24th (5-8pm). The full-day events (Sept. 25th, 26th & 27th) begin at 9am with a ‘dream breakfast table’ and concludes at 5pm – there is a 2 hour lunch break from 12pm – 2pm. Restaurants and cafes are within a 30-minute drive and orders can be called ahead. The retreat concludes at noon on Tuesday, September 28th. The list of activities can be found below.

Retreat Fee:

Retreat registration paid in full by check or credit card is required by July 31, 2021 to claim your space. The cost for the 3 full-day, 2 half-day retreat (September 24th-28th) is $1,800 per person (A limited number of partial scholarships are available). This price includes 4 nights in a single room (or a shared room if all single rooms have been claimed) and healthy vegetarian breakfasts and lunches. Dinner will be on your own (a list of restaurants will be provided). Please be aware that meeting space is shared, as are comfort facilities. We ask that you observe social distancing at the retreat for safety, to the degree that room accommodations allow.


Please book your room as soon as possible to ensure your stay on site. Airfare is not included and ground transportation is a separate fee. 

You may arrive early and stay longer than the retreat dates. Extended stays are available directly through the retreat center, which is in addition to the retreat fee. Here is the link to book your stay: woodvalleytemple andguesthouse.

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing as temperatures range on the Big Island (depending whether we’re up the mountain or down by the sea for an img_4965activity)
  • Water bottle
  • Notepad or journal
  • Yoga mat 
  • Beach towel
  • Small scarf or eye pillow
  • Comfortable shoes or sandals for walking
  • A photo of a beloved ancestor/relative
  • Mask or face-shield for social distancing

The Retreat Agenda:

Friday, September 24th (5-8 PM): 

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Orientation to the retreat center and schedule of events
  • Grounding exercises & Yoga Nidra (Kimberly)
  • Dream Incubation guidance (Darlene)

Saturday, September 25th (9AM-12PM)

  • Optional pre-breakfast yoga/pilates/isometrics (Darlene)
  • Dream breakfast table 1 (grp A Kimberly; grp B Darlene)
  • Intro to Gentle Breathwork and group discussion (Kimberly)
  • Guided Sound Journey with Chanting & Tara shrine ritual movement (Darlene)
  • Quiet time for reflective journaling (Kimberly)

Saturday, September 25th (2PM-5PM):

  • Mindful/Healing movement/Tai Chi, 5 Rhythms Dancing (Darlene)
  • Grounding exercises & Yoga Nidra ( Kimberly)
  • Dream Incubation guidance (Darlene and Kimberly)

Sunday, September 26th (9AM-12PM)

  • Optional pre-breakfast movement–yoga/pilates/isometrics (Darlene)
  • Dream breakfast table 2 (Kim)
  • Creating Outdoor Sacred Space (Darlene) at the beach
  • Quiet time for reflective journaling (Kimberly)

Sunday, September 26th (2PM-5PM):

  • Mindful/Conscious movement/Tai Chi, 5 Rhythms Dancing (Darlene)
  • Grounding exercises & Yoga Nidra (Kimberly)
  • Dream Incubation guidance (Darlene and Kimberly)

Monday, September 27th (9AM-12PM)

  • Optional pre-breakfast movement–yoga/pilates/isometrics (Darlene)
  • Dream breakfast table 3 (Kim)
  • Core creativity – collaging from the imaginal dreamscape (Kimberly) 
  • Mindful/Conscious movement/Tai Chi, 5 Rhythms Dancing (Darlene)

Monday, September 27th (2PM-5PM):

  • Optional pre-breakfast movement–yoga/pilates/isometrics (Darlene)
  • Quiet time for reflective journaling (Kimberly and Darlene)
  • Grounding exercises & Yoga Nidra (Kimberly)
  • Dream Incubation guidance (Darlene and Kimberly)

Tuesday, September 28th (9AM-12PM): 

  • Optional pre-breakfast movement–yoga/pilates/isometrics (Darlene)
  • Dream breakfast table 4 – the Ullman Method of Dream Appreciation and take-home of the Jeremy Taylor method (Kim)
  • Mindful/Conscious movement/Tai Chi (Darlene) and take-home handout
  • Closing ceremonies and ritual