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MAY 2023:

Dream Medicine goes to Canada!

Join me at Hollyhock Leadership Institute on Canada’s breathtaking Cortes Island from May 10th to the 14th.

This will be a retreat to remember!

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Introducing the Institute for Dream Studies’

Dreaming into Health Series:

Health-related Dreamwork

Are you ready to tap into the power of your dreams and discover your own inner guidance for health and healing?

The Institute for Dream Studies (IDS) is excited to host a very special event,

Health-related Dreamwork with Drs. Bhaskar Banerji and Kimberly Mascaro.

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Self-Care 360 is an ongoing monthly subscription course inspired by my 20+ years of work in counseling, education, and mental/behavioral health fields, plus my own healing journey through trauma, grief/loss, and managing a diagnosis labeled as a “chronic disease.”

Self-care 360 is divided into 5 monthly modules: Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, and a final module on traumatic stress.

We are more than our thoughts – we are energetic and spiritual beings. By showing love and compassion to the whole self, we are able to truly show up for our loved ones and our communities, and most of all, for ourselves. After all, we are all linked – deeply connected to one another. Through self-care, we care for the world.

How it works: Each week, I will provide psycho-education on holistic wellness – 360 degrees of health – that’s mind, body, and spirit. Every week it’s a different self-care topic pertaining to the module we are in. Think of self-care 360 as a weekly health-based appetizer – a little something to inspire and motivate. There are no official start dates – enroll anytime. By subscribing, you gain access to weekly online course content (text, audio recordings, videos, and/or links) for only $35- a month. CLICK HERE to get started!

Of course, you may cancel anytime.

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September 2022 virtual course:

Dreaming for Wellness

with Kimberly Mascaro, Ph.D.

Course Description: When we pay attention to them, dreams offer support along one’s wellness journey. Dreamers across time and place have been handed valuable information in all stages of wellness and recovery while they sleep. Dreams can warn, guide, and re-direct when most needed. In this 4 week course, Dr. Kimberly Mascaro shares lessons, and some of her own experiences, in these areas. Learn how dreams come in service of health and wholeness. Each meeting is 90 minutes.

To learn more, go to

FALL 2022 retreat:

January 2022

Katherine Bell hosts the incredible podcast The Dream Journal, which also plays live through the Santa Cruz, CA radio station KSQD. The link below connects you to the New Years Day discussion we had on announcing dreams, visitation dreams and diagnostic dreams. Feel free to share!

FALL 2021

The Many Worlds of Lucid Dreaming: A LUCID DREAMING ONLINE CONFERENCE is happening this year!

June 2021

Register here:

February 2021

Join us for the Ancestral Healing Summit – February 22-26, 2021. Register for free here:

January 2021

Enjoy this video podcast, A Handful of Hope. Jesse and I discuss self-care and grounding…and a whole lot me.

December 2020

One Dec. 15th, Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos invited me back onto her show, Dreaming Healing, with fellow psychotherapist and dreamworker Linda Y. Schiller. We discussed extraordinary dreams, mysticism, and much more. Here is the link to view the show:

November 2020

Here’s the link:

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October 2020

I was honored to host the 2020 Dreamwork Summit – I hope you were able to attend! A link to the recording to my presentation is found on the my  ‘Work with Me’ page.

The Dreamwork Summit is here to help you develop a healing relationship with your dreams. When you befriend your subconscious mind, it can provide you with clues for your next steps… and unique insight into the state of our world.

During this 4-day free online event, you’ll discover a variety of dreamwork methods that can help you reframe and work through painful experiences, ease stress, and provide new perspectives on your challenges — and even break through lifelong blocks to start living the life your soul intended for you.  Register here:





August 2020

The Art of Presence 101: An Experiential Workshop in Mindfulness, Grounding and Embodiment.

August 8, 2020 in Auburn, CA. NOW on ZOOM.


2 CE credits available to licensed MFT in the state of California.

October 2019

My Oregon workshop is coming to California just in time for the month of img_4420the dead💐💀 💕💫 I will give a brief talk on visitation dreams followed by the individualized shrine-building activity. Each participant crafts & will take home a personal altar to a deceased loved one. Whether you have had dreams with deceased loved one or wish to experience such, this workshop is for you! No art skills required. Contact me to register. Advanced payment holds your space.


June 2019


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