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October came and went in a flash. November always sneaks up on me! Because my attention was elsewhere (preparing for the sacred days of Oct. 31st through Nov. 2nd), along with celebrating the arrival of my latest book, Dream Medicine, there was not one single blog posted in October. But here I am, back at it again.

The release of my latest book, Dream Medicine, was notable. Like the Fall season release of Extraordinary Dreams, I had expected the hard copies of Dream Medicine to arrive closer to Winter, however, copies of Dream Medicine were found in a box on my front porch on the evening of Oct. 28th – a wonderful surprise. No matter the year, the last week of October will always be a sensitive time. Here’s why. Two years ago during that very same week, I spent a few days setting up a large six foot altar dedicated to deceased family for the Nevada County Annual Altar Show. While in the middle of constructing it, I spoke with a doctor on my cell phone who revealed a breast cancer diagnosis. The timing was striking. As I offered thanks and prayers to my deceased loved ones, I stood there alone, wondering in silence whether I would be joining them sooner rather than later.

After taking that call, I moved more slowly for the rest of the evening, continuing to build my family altar while keeping to myself and making minimal contact with others in the room. That entire evening was very dream-like. For the rest of that evening I existed in a space like never before. The following days were spent in meditation for the most part, listening deeply.

The next two years were an adventure into ‘the medical underworld’ as one physician friend referred to it. From day one, I chose to heal through the path of alternative medicine – a huge part of that being dedicated to tracking and responding to the wisdom of my nocturnal dreams (and later, shamanic journeys). Dream Medicine reveals much of my internal process of mind-body-spirit healing over a span of almost two years. Page 62 contains a lucid dream recollection that was so powerful for me that I ended up creating a four-foot by four-foot painting of the experience. Here it is, with me standing by holding up copies of Dream Medicine:

I remain contemplative and in wonderment. The timely arrival of this book – a finished piece of soulful work – manifests as a reminder that no matter what happens, I will be okay. Even through uncertainty and what appears as tragedy, the human spirit can light up and soar. Every year, that very last week of October will be a time for gratitude, for affirming life and acknowledging how fragile life is, and recognizing how at any moment, one can cross the veil never to return to the physical. While I am here, I will make the most of it. I will thrive.

Dream Medicine is endorsed by my teachers, colleagues, and mentors, Stanley Krippner, Clare Johnson and Robert Moss. To each of them and my holistic treatment team, I am oh so grateful. If you would like to order a copy of Dream Medicine – hot-off-the-press, you may do so here:

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in remission, radical-style

How do people get diagnosed with a terrible disease, forgoing any kind of conventional/allopathic treatment, only to later discover that there is no evidence of that disease? One year, it’s stage four, the next year it is gone – how does this happen? Radical remissions have boggled the mind, however, the spontaneous disappearance of disease is now much more well-documented than it was a half-century ago. The Institute of Noetic Sciences published a report in May 1987: Brendan O’Regan’s lecture, titled Healing, Remission and Miracle Cures. Yes, these types of spontaneous remissions were

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thought to be miracles by some, yet in the medical community these remissions were often considered to result from misdiagnosis. In some cases even, amazing healing stories were silenced.

Miracle, luck, or otherwise, let us look at what these individuals have done – their behaviors, beliefs and practices – that have likely been responsible for such a miracle to have taken place. Since the 1980s, science has demonstrated that the mind and body are connected and in communication with each other. It’s appropriate to consider the mind and body to be a unified whole. Understanding this helps digest what we will see below.

Dr. Kelly Turner’s 2014 book Radical Remissions and her 2020 book Radical Hope outline the key factors for healing. In Turner’s multifaceted definition of radical remission, one component includes those who healed from cancer (and other serious diseases) without conventional treatment. More and more attention is being placed on how we can empower ourselves to increase responsibility for our own health and healing. So, let’s review the 1O factors that emerged from Turner’s work. They are:

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health

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  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Having a strong reason to live


  • Incorporating exercise into your life

These healing factors need no additional explanation, however, if you are facing an illness, I encourage reading Turner’s books sooner than later. These books are so inspirational and will answer the dozens of questions likely forming in your mind right now. Could these factors reported by Turner bring an individual from a late stage cancer diagnosis to having no evidence of disease (NED)?

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There are no definitive conclusions – Turner’s research was not causal. At the same time, I feel great promise. We seem to be heading in the right direction here. I attend to each of these 10 factors almost every day of the week. By simply aligning myself with them, I feel at my best.

If you are well, taking these 10 factors seriously could keep you that way. In terms of prevention, why not take action by making these key factors a part of your life. Notice how many of the factors are psycho-social-spiritual? These emerge frequently in my private practice, given my work as a psychologist and psychotherapist. For the other two factors (herbs, supplements, diet), consult with a Naturopathic Physician and Registered Dietician to get professional guidance. I cannot stress this point enough! Lastly, remember that if you have a diagnosis and find yourself on the journey towards healing, know that you do not have to make that journey alone. Allow others to support you and walk beside you along your path.


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