2 dreamy announcements

A couple exciting things are unfolding over here!

You may already be familiar with the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). If not, please check them out! I’m so excited to be presenting at the IASD conference again this year, only this time the conference is virtual. This allows those to attend from anywhere in the world without the time and cost of travel and lodging, so long as there is a decent internet connection. I hope this year is accessible to you and you are able to attend. I’ll be leading a Yoga Nidra workshop on Sunday, June 13th. This sleep-based meditation supports relaxation, focus, and of course, dreaming.

Here’s the direct link: http://iasdconferences.org/

My second and final ‘dreamy announcement’ for today is that I have received the image to the cover of my upcoming book. The cover art design team at McFarland and Toplight Books are brilliant as far as I’m concerned. Dream Medicine: The Intersection of Wellness and Consciousness is on its way to print now. It is scheduled to be available to all around the new year.

Writing Dream Medicine was a labor of love and one of great vulnerability. It chronicles my personal journey through an earth-shattering illness, highlighting the dreams and visions that carried me through (although the ride is not over yet). Dream Medicine also includes interviews with over a dozen professionals, dreamers, shamanic practitioners and cancer survivors. Finally, the book notes action steps, behaviors and activities that have been helpful along this path. Side note: these actions and activities are a focal point in the retreats and workshops I lead. Check out the September retreat in Hawaii here.

That’s my latest news. Thanks for being here with me! I wish you wellness and many blessings.

Dr. Kim