a diagnostic coin toss

Consciousness-related phenomena (what the Conscious Chimera blog is all about) and cancer may not seem to blend together so well, at least at first glance. But maybe, just maybe, I will convince you otherwise. Cancer is coming up for me at this time because it is October – that dreaded month – reminding me of the biopsy followed by diagnosis.

“Yeah, I’m so sorry, the biopsy report shows that the tissue is cancerous.” 

Or something like that. 

Yeah, the exact words have faded although at the time I believed I would never forget them.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Something else happened that week too. I determined I would work with the cancer, understand it and it’s lessons for me. I would not engage in a battle, nor would I fight it. After all, my own body grew this. 

I believe bodies can not only allow cancer to blossom, but also wither. Consciousness plays a part in the shrinkage and the growth.

October has also been named Breast Cancer Awareness Month, yet many people actually prefer Breast Health Awareness Month. After all, we don’t necessarily need to be reminded of cancer. How could we forget it? It’s everywhere, in about 50% of the population…and growing. Could our chances of getting a cancer diagnosis be no better or worse than a coin toss? I can’t tell you how many people I know who are managing this condition! A focus on health – how to stay healthy or return to optimal health – is more appropriate.

So given the month and my personal experience, I’ll share how cancer and consciousness are in good company. Over these past three years since the diagnosis (I’ll never say ‘my’ diagnosis), I’ve spent countless hours with doctors (MDs, DOs, NDs, DTCM, PhDs, and functional and integrative ones) who have taught me a great deal about cellular behavior, consciousness, and even the biofield. 

If the term biofield is new for you, think of it as interacting fields of energy and information that surround living systems and deliver information to and throughout an organism, such as the human body. Long story short, I knew that cells were conscious from the work of Bruce Lipton, PhD and many others, yet finally, I knew my next life phase would be about much more than education or a theoretical comprehension. 

This phase is about transformation, and building an interactive relationship with all parts of my-self. 

With decades of practice in cancer treatment under his belt, Antonio Jimenez, MD, ND, has talked about how a bad thought is more deadly than a bad germ. After all, our cells are always listening…and they respond. Cells behave in accordance with one’s thoughts and feelings. Or as Bruce Lipton, PhD has noted, one’s beliefs have a profound impact on that person’s biology. 

In short, everything is conscious. We shape frequency, vibration. Consciousness is behind everything: Everything we think, feel, sense and do. 

Consider the research conducted on seeds, sand, water, and plants. It is profound. I’d even say magical. But it really is science.

This is not to say that anyone has consciously programmed their cells to make them turn cancerous. It is to say that we exist in a conscious multi-verse where we are participants in creative forces at play, whether we have awareness of it or not. We are not passive recipients or victims…at least we don’t have to be. 

As conscious creators, we are extremely powerful. Within us lies the ability to shape matter. How? With our thoughts and beliefs, our feelings and emotions, our actions and words, our energetic flow (or lack of it). Furthermore, by altering our states of consciousness (most commonly done through sound or the breath) it is easier to do so. A lot of things become easier when mental chatter (aka monkey mind) simmer down and we joyfully open to influence frequency. By focusing in, consciously directing energy to the target (energy follows attention), trust there will be results.  

Cancer Awareness just brings attention to cancer, but a month of Awareness on Health, especially Breast Health, supports women everywhere in fostering a healthy lifestyle. This can impact the entire body, supporting all levels of functioning.

Health-focused conscious lifestyles can co-exist with all forms of medicine and healing. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, allow a team of professionals to support you and simultaneously consider bringing in body workers and energy healers. Even if you are well-versed and practiced in work involving nonordinary states of consciousness, it can feel very supportive to invite others onto your team. I did, and I’m grateful for every person that provided assistance. At the same time, I ramped up my own inner work and found solid, grounded, experienced teachers to guide me further along in my wellness journey. 

It’s been three years now, and while I’ll always remember that numbing phone conversation, I feel empowered to use all of my abilities to continue to heal. If this essay encourages you do take the lead in your own health and healing journey, then my work is done for now. 

May you be blessed with good health,

Dr. Kim